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The 6mm she already owns is capable of about 100 fps greater MV than the 243, and uses the same diameter bullet. Therefore, technically speaking, for her to buy a 243 would be a (very small) step backward.
I think his point was the 6mm Rem/243 is a simialr and adequate platform... not that she should go buy a 243

I can't be much help on smaller caliber advice. I/m sure one of our more experienced elk hunters will come along and offer more/better advice.
I've hunted elk with a 243. I didn't like it. I was using cup and core bullets, and I was in my teens. It worked when I made a good shot, the elk got away when I made a bad one. However, it got away because of my poor shot. A heavier caliber may have put it down, but not for sure. With a good bullet placed from what is described as a knowledgeable hunter... the 243 will work. I would advise something bigger if possible, but wouldn't say "you have to go buy another rifle." If borrowing is possible or if she wants another rifle, there are better options for elk than the 243. Any step up is a lot better. And the 6mm is indeed a little faster than the standard 243.
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