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Thanks the trouble is, I don't like to put it on a shooting bench because it looks too good and I worry about it. Outsmarted myself a little!

Boiled linseed oil for almost all of it. I don't recall how many many as 50, I think, after I cleaned it up. I have a few times used lin-speed oil instead of just BLO

I once did use a 'gunny paste' of beeswax and BLO that I made up as well. It was OK, but I never saw any real advantage over just BLO so after that one time I didn't use it again. I never really did anything special to the wood. I've done a few GI stocks and they all came out good, but I think this one was just a nice piece of wood that I got lucky with, and it shows off nice. Once in a while, things work out

Funny thing is, the can of BLO I bought in 2008 to oil that stock now has a layer of reddish-gold dried BLO on the top part of the can!

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