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lowest recoil rifle for elk

A conversation with some friends turned into a vigorous discussion, with strong opinions on every side. I would like to get the opinions of the experts on this forum.

What is the lowest-recoiling rifle/cartridge combination that would be suitable for elk hunting?


The hunter is an experienced deer hunter, and she has taken many white-tails over the years, but has never been elk hunting.

No shots beyond 200 yards.

She can afford a new rifle but would prefer to keep the cost of rifle/scope below $2000.

She currently uses a 6mm Remington 700 on deer because of the light recoil. She has an old shoulder injury which makes her recoil sensitive. She can tolerate the higher recoil of a 9 lb 30-06 for 3 to 5 rounds, but that’s about it. She also had to give up shooting skeet and sporting clays. She can shoot a bolt 223 all day.
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