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Hi mmac,
it sounds you and I are about in the same boat, Im just starting out learning about reloading also. Maybe we can learn together
What rifle do you shoot? I have a Ruger MkII with stainless barrel. I recently removed the original ugly stock and replaced it with a Boyd's laminate stock and an trying to get it dialed in with some reloads a buddy of mine is working up for me.
I have yet to get back out to the range to try his work up loads with the
H4350 and 130 ballistic tips but maybe some day this weekend we will try to go, weather permitting. I dont own a chronograph either.
Your workup of the H4350 groups sounds great! Before I changed out stocks on mine, I used Federal factory premium rounds with the 130 ballistic tips and it too shot groups just like you described
What do you hunt and where are you located? Im in beautiful Alabama.
Good to talk with ya!
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