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My local state park only allows squirrel hunting with a shot gun, hence relegating my 22lr to the range.

Then I thought, "Ya know, thats a good excuse to buy a new gun!" I like multi-purpose tools, so I looked into a .410 (the Circuit Judge to be exact). I figured I could use slugs on deer too. Then I found out that you cant use .410 on deer in Illinois. That doesn't necessarily exclude the Circuit Judge because I've heard SEVERAL times that there planning on changing the law to allow for pistol caliber cartridges (which they're defining as a rimmed, strait walled cartridge) used in rifles for deer hunting.

With this, I thought I had a few good questions:

1. How has everyone's experience with .410 on squirrels been?

2. (the more important one) Whats the logic (just speculate a bit) behind not allowing a .410 on deer? A 1/4 oz (109 grain) slug traveling 1900 fps cant be too far behind a 123 grain 7.62x39 traveling 2300 fps and from what I've read, using 7.62x39 and even .223 is fairly common in states that allow rifle hunting.
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