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Dealt with this last night.

BOOOOOOM! Right outside of our bedroom door at 3am. Wasn't my GF since she was working overnight security and my son is with the ex this week. Rolled over and grabbed her S&W and waited a couple of minutes. Eventually cracked the door open and stood back for a few min. Then peaked. Some one knocked a mirror off the laundry room door.

I dont wake well attitude wise. I was ready to put 5 rds in someone's face and call 911 in the morning.

Instead I just hosed down some punk cats with the squirt bottles.

I had one dream that was a violent nightmare, some particular creature was after me and I started myself awake. I could clearly see my room all around me, yet the creature was still coming. As it reached me, it slowly dissolved into nothing. I sat awake for a half-hour wondering why my dream and reality had seemingly melded with each other, something that has never happened before then or since. About twenty years ago.
This is something that's in the back of my mind a lot about nightstand guns.

While I understand the OP's "blob" I often wonder about night terrors or whatever folks call them. Apparently it's actually really common, even a condition for some folks, for the various chemicals and nervous system components that cause us to dream (and our voluntary muscles to paralyze) to have trouble "turning off" when we wake. It causes visions and various other hallucinations and things that can be frightening and confusing.
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