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great for me

I have just started to get into reloading, so appreciate all the advice everyone is giving.

I have worked up 2 loads or still working up two loads for my 270.

Nosler recommends the H4831sc and for the 130 BT's my best groups is at 57gr. with that powder. But a slightly better load for me was the h4350 at 54 gr. I could cover three shots with a dime. That load is recommended by Barnes for their 130's, so working with those next.

The BT's are not a good bullet for hunting IMO. Lead in food is never good... So the accubond is what I am moving too, just had to order the 130 accubonds. Hoping the loads won't change much. I used wlr primers though, so will also try the feds, but seems like I am close. I am seated to 3.33.

I hope that helps. I think I get more velocity out of the H4350 too as they are 2 inches higher than the h4831 at 100 yards, but I am sure someone will correct me. I don't have a chrono yet.
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