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6.5G barrels aren't exactly common, and only a few manufacturers are producing them, so maybe the cost advantage of AR-15 parts is offset by the barrel price come build time.
6.5 Grendel barrels from Midway, AR-Stoner (ER Shaw), for $300 (I snapped one up on last summer for less) produces sub-moa results in our build.

Is it a bit more than some .223 barrels? Probably, but not by much.

Expect the prices to come down since the SAAMI standardization as the round becomes much more popular. There's just no reason for it not to go gangbusters now that AA is out of the loop.

What they do suggest is that if some cartridge is to replace the 5.56
-- and have as many of the ballistic advantages of the 308 as possible
while still maintaining the dogface hump/logistical advantages of the
AR/M-x platform -- then the Grendel fills that bill.
Since we've finally decided to deal with the two-hour drive each way to shoot long range target(100 and 200M just wasn't a challenge anymore), the 6.5 was the obvious choice. IF we end up deciding to hunt medium game, it'll fit that bill perfectly as well. We don't "plink", and I handload, so there is absolutely no reason I would build a .223 AR anymore, because it doesn't fit our shooting "hobby".

Everyone is different, there is no "one size fits all".

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