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Does anyone sell a 6.5 in the typical 6.8 price range?
This is what got me started talking about the 6.8SPC. My mistake for not realizing that it wasn't the OP who asked the question. At any rate, if anyone is interested, I called Alexander Arms, they make their own barrels but the guy on the phone couldn't even tell me what grade of stainless steel they were made from, and they all come with threaded muzzle. I have no way of knowing about the quality of this barrel since I don't know anyone who owns one. I am looking for a 20" barrel and that is priced at $320 compared to the Bison Armory barrel at $200. AA doesn't offer any kind of coating and they don't offer a package deal with gas block and tube as Bison does, so they are still a pretty fair distance apart on price as I originally said.

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