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This method works for me:

1) Drop a bullet into the chamber and tap it lightly against the lands with a cleaning rod
2) Slowly drop the cleaning rod into the muzzle until it touches the bullet
3) MArk the cleaning rod with a fine tip "magic marker" by making a half circle around the rod
4) Knock the bullet out of the rifle
5) Make a dummy round and seat the bullet longer than anticipated
6) Chamber the dummy round
7) Reinsert the cleaning rod until it touches the bullet
8) Make a full circle on the cleaning rod with the "magic marker"
9) If you now have one circle, your dummy round is at the lands
10) Measure it with Hornady tool described in these posts or buy a similar one made by Stoney Point. It measures ogive to base of the case. Subtract 0.01, 0.015 or 0.02" from that reading and that's the length your seated rounds should be
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