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"slappy", are you "conveniently" forgetting the PM I sent to you and the PM you sent to me in response the day BEFORE you wrote this?
Nothing convenient about forgetting but when you rely on pain meds to get thru the day sometimes it just happens that way, but I did forget until after I posted that last night. I am concerned that AA doesn't say who manufactures their barrels though. I have no way of knowing how they compare to the the ones we discussed. Also neither AA or the AR Stoner (not sure of quality there either) barrels on Midway come with a target crown, only threaded muzzles and I have no use for a flash suppressor on a hunting or target rifle.
The only fair way of comparing these cartridges is by getting your data from the SAME, RELIABLE source and not "picking and choosing" loads to make your favorite look better and the other worse.
Didn't pick and choose, I don't have the barrel we discussed so at this point, I don't have a dog in this fight. I posted the information I could find. There is not very much ballistics info out there for either cartridge that I can find and everywhere you do find an actual comparison it it just like I said, comparing 6.5 123gr against 6.8 110gr which doesn't help me much. I posted three different charts of the closest bullet weights I could and I as far as velocity/energy, I still don't see what all the fuss is about.
As mehavey said about his own charts, the 110gr 6.8SPC cleaned the 90gr 6.5G's clock and the 120gr 6.5G cleaned the 110gr 6.8SPC's clock. I have yet to see any fair comparisons of identical bullet weights and barrel lengths. If the information is available I don't know where to find it.
As I said in our conversation the other night, my main use is hunting, with some target shooting but not likely farther than 200yds since that is as far as my personal range goes and I am not likely to go where I have to pay to shoot.
At 400 yards the Grendel has 8" LESS drop.

At 500 yards the Grendel has 28" LESS drop.

If you and "Jimro" can't see that or think those are "about the same" or "there is not much difference" between them then both of you will just have to live in your imaginary world of magic!
Again, that is not a fair comparison with equal weight bullets and equal length barrels. Not wanting to pick and choose, that doesn't mean so much.

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