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The problem was, he was loading to .45 Colt specs, when clearly .45 Long Colt loads should have been used.

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WRONG! .45 Colt is the proper cartridge designation. There is no 'proper' designation of .45 Long Colt. It came into use when the Army went to the S&W Schofield revolvers. They could not chamber the .45 Colt cartridge because the cylinder was too short. They chambered a round that was about 2/3's the length of the .45 Colt. To simplify logistics, the Army started to issue only the the .45 S&W round for both the Colt and S&W revolvers. Because both rounds could be fired in the Colt revolvers, the REAL .45 Colt round was colloquially referred to as the 'Long' Colt.

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