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And thanks for the link to the obituary.

Here's a link from late 2002; just before the site closed. He tells a little about himself.

"Oh my goodness:

From the sounds of it someone wants a bio: Here it is:

The comments from Mike are somewhat true. I was born in the Heartland, (MN) and I did spend, on special assignment, 5 yrs at the Nevada Test Site back in the 60's but the part about the ledgend is purley fiction.

I spent 22.5 years in the Army, mostly as a competive pistol shooter, Army Team Pistol Coach (three Gun) and Olympic Pistol coach, (one ladies world champion, 1 silver medalist Olympics) Gun Plumber, Custom stock maker and gunsmith.

I even qualified for the 1972 Olympics in standard pistol and Free Pistol. For Germany that is. However, my aliegence to the United States, and being in the military prevented me from participating for them.

I spent another 20 years as a Fed. Firearms Specialist for Civil Service, U.S., Treas. I am now retired, fish alot, east coast Georgia, play hearts and maintain a library of collected firearms information collected thru the years.

this libary has hundred's of books, on military firearms, civilain guns too, and I have transplanted them all to CD Rom. This information is provided free of charge for enyone who asks. Kind of like returning what was provided to me over my 44.5 years in the U.S. Gov.

OK! That's me. Anybody obeject? LOL (Laugh Out Loud)

As to where I'm going to hang, If y'all will have me I would like to stay in Research. Up to da boss.

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