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It is probably ASM. I think....

....that Deer Creek is all but out of business.

In large part they ran out of ASM parts over the last coupla years. They now have very little in that way. Some screws maybe.

It seems like a mom and pop operation and mom and pop are both getting up in years.

Long time to get to the phone. Un-answered calls, No messages returned, etc.

Darned shame because they were good folks to deal with. Knowledgable and friendly.

I would be happy to learn they are healed and back in business for real.

I have two of these revolvers and I like them. It is worth some effort fixing but not worth the cost and hassle of a new frame. Darned hard to come up with a new frame. I have a coupla brass ones but I doubt they would fit an ASM.

We do need a photo.

Dependng upon where the hole is and how big, you could drill it, thread it, turn a brass crew into it and then round it off. The repair would be detectable on close inspection but not obvious to the casual observer.

Another caution here is that if the hole intrudes into an operating channel in the frame, the screw that is used for the repair will need to be short enough not to get in the way of the operating parts. I am thinking primarily of the hand channel.

Finally if the hole compromises the strength of the frame, you might try silver soldering the screw in place. Absolute cleanliness of the surfaces in essential for good solder wetting.

This has the parallel advantages of added strength and a less obvious repair.

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