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6.5 Grendel vs. 6.8 SPC

"Also, as for barrels being comparatively priced, show me. I haven't found a good high quality 6.5G for under $450 or so when a good high quality 6.8 barrel will sell for around $250."

"slappy", are you "conveniently" forgetting the PM I sent to you and the PM you sent to me in response the day BEFORE you wrote this?

In case you have, what I wrote was "I was just on the Alexander Arms website looking for their "Billet Upper" for my 28" barrels and the lowest priced barrel I noticed was just $260... MidwayUSA prices started at $279.99."

TEN dollars difference is hardly the $200 difference you wrongly repeated a day LATER!!!

"I have looked at many charts, they always seem to want to compare 6.5G 123gr bullet to 6.8 110gr bullets but I still say that they are so similar up to 400 yards that you can't tell the difference. If I am missing something, somebody show me where I am wrong."

All you have to do is look at "mehavey's" Post #20.

As I said out to "normal hunting ranges" there is not much difference. As this chart shows at 300 yards which I consider to be "normal hunting distance" there is maybe 2" LESS drop for the Grendel.

At 400 yards the Grendel has 8" LESS drop.

At 500 yards the Grendel has 28" LESS drop.

If you and "Jimro" can't see that or think those are "about the same" or "there is not much difference" between them then both of you will just have to live in your imaginary world of magic!

"It would also be nice to see the two with the same weight bullets."

The only fair way of comparing these cartridges is by getting your data from the SAME, RELIABLE source and not "picking and choosing" loads to make your favorite look better and the other worse.

I'm NOT in the habit of spoon-feeding answers to people and this subject has been brought up several times recently on this forum.

Do a SEARCH for yourself to find previous posts comparing the SAME bullet weights (or very close) from the SAME, RELIABLE source and with similar barrel lengths.

The only SAME, RELIABLE source that I know of shows the 6.5 Grendel superior to the 6.8 even with a 1.5" SHORTER barrel!!!

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