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The 165gr Accubond is actually a very good choice for elk. In any of the .30 cal mags, it will perform admirably on elk out to probably 400 yards or more if you do your part and place it where it counts. In the non-magnums, it is good for at least 350 yds.

I actually prefer the Accubond over the Partition just because of the design. Another great performing "premium" bullet to consider would be the Barnes TSX or TTSX. All of these mentioned bullet types simply get the job done.

If you are comfortable shooting YOUR rifle with the 165gr Accubond (as you have indicated), by all means that should be your top choice. Keep your shots to a reasonable distance, get good shot placement, and you will experience great success. Most often, the hardest part of killing an elk is simply finding them in the first place.
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