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The Tueller drill is more geared towards an officer arriving on scene. Not much in the way of knife defense, or even understanding a knife attack.

Deaf Smith is very right, you are the weapon. Weapons are just tools.

Originally Posted by 12GaugeShuggoth
I forget where I first heard it, something along the lines of a knife fight has no winners; one person goes to the hospital and the other goes to the morgue.
That's a common phrase, along with "if you get into a knife fight, expect to be cut." It comes from movies and historical ideas that knives are dueling weapons and everyone will magically draw a knife and get into a stance. In reality, you'll likely get cut before you know it, then you'll have to defend what you perceive to be open hand attacks, finally, if you're lucky, you'll get away long enough to realize you're bleeding. Drawing any weapon won't be easy. This is why we always stress empty hand defense. If you know there's a weapon, run, don't duel.

I was attacked with a knife once, it barely went into my leg, instead of my stomach, and I hit him then ran. Drawing my own knife wasn't an option until I had already defended myself. Had I stuck around... ouch.

I practice to use a knife against impact weapons, multiple opponents, escaping holds, and against firearms. Knife against knife is practiced as well, but not expected. Some of it is for fun, some for defense. First and foremost is drawing the weapon. I keep rambling...
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