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Knife fights are fantasy, but knowing how to deal with one will save you faster than your .45 will.
I forget where I first heard it, something along the lines of a knife fight has no winners; one person goes to the hospital and the other goes to the morgue. Perhaps a bit dramaticized but I think the message is right, only the extremely lucky and/or experienced have much of a chance of leaving such an encounter completely unscathed. I came very close to being stabbed once and it was an eye opener to see how quickly it came to that.

I notice all the knife .vs. gun threads
FWIW, I'm not trying to start a knife vs gun discussion, or an anything vs anything for that matter. I just thought the man acted beyond what many people would be able or willing to do since most of us don't have the training or luck to take on multiple hostiles (including a gunman) with a knife and make it out (relatively) safely. Perhaps I should've chosen a different thread mistake.

Seems like people are trying to force this knife .vs. gun to presume there is only one response allowed.

And life is not like that.

YOU are the weapon, all else is incidental.

Improvise, adapt, overcome
I definitely agree, over reliance on the tool takes a person away from the total weapon. I think many people however, including myself at times, are simply far more confident in their abilities (and chances) by having that tool available...whether it be a knife, baton, handgun, or what ever else a person has available.
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