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Alloy post 1845. I don't know about "compelled" but I do know of two Phonix Gun shops who reported Straw purchase attempts while the buyers were in their stores.

They were directed by the ATF to sell the guns to the individuals. They asked for faxed authorizations. One MAY have recieved authority he did not give me a straight answer but he seemed to be holding out. Neither made the sale.

They both indicated that they had provided the personal information of the purchasers to the ATF.

With regard to Congress compelling to testify. No one has mentioned G. Gordon Liddy. As I recall Liddy refused to be sworn. He served time but not from his testimony to Congress. His stay in the Federal Penal System is legendary. He was allowed to prosecute a Prison Warden and won a conviction for corruption.

Does anyone know what happened when he refused to be sworn. This could be germain to the discussion.

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