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So noted (again)
The M118-loaded 7.62NATO in an M-14 cleans all clocks.
There endeth the lesson.

except.... it's also heavier, more unwieldly in a barfight, climbs out of control on auto fire (even 3 round bursts -- ask how I know), the gun & ammunition weighs a ton when carried with all the other 110+ lbs of gear/armor in the mountains of Afghanistan, and it's currently logistically unsustainable as a main battle rifle.

The current battle rifle is just great in a bar fight and just about all the other aspects mentioned above... except... it it runs out of gas right at the range the bad guys are choosing to engage our troops. (Ask how I know)

So it's not unnatural that the argument would devolve to options that cut through to the middle ground.

As to the Grendel being limited to being a "great paper puncher," is there some experience that could be posted here?
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