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Knife to a gunfight

I'm sure all of us have heard it before: Don't bring a knife to a gunfight. Then again, what if a knife is all you have?

This was a story from several months ago, got quite a bit of air time on the local news. Basically, two bad guys posing as FBI decided to rob a Food Lion. After placing bombs (which turned out to be fake) on several female employees, one man jumped in to action using the only weapon he had, a knife.

I know one of them ended up getting caught, not sure about the other one though. I only wonder how things might have gone if the vendor had been CC'ing a firearm, and had the option of shooting the dirtbags instead of using his knife. I know some people might say he just escalated the situation...... maybe, maybe not. What I do know is not a lot of people would have had the guts to do what this guy did, and personally I think the guy is a bad mamma jamma.

Thoughts? Opinions? .....dare I say it, tactical discussions ?
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