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I think it is best practice to use heavy for caliber bullets on elk. For a .270 heavy for caliber is 150-160 gr. for 300WSM I dont know what heavy for caliber is but it dang sure ain't 165 gr.

Bullets need to be bonded whatever they are. Penetration is what is key on Elk other than the obvious stuff that is always key like placement.
If you were talking about a normal cup&core soft point, then I would agree. BUT the accu-BOND is a bonded bullet. It sheds about 30% of it's weight upon initial expansion, but the core then penetrates much deeper than a normal soft point would.

You can go one weight increment lighter while still getting the penetration of the heavier soft point bullet. By that I mean a accu-bond 165 grain will penetrate as deeply as a 180 cup & core bullet.

They only recomend upto 180 grainers for 300 wsm due to the longer bullets encroach on the powder space to much and make for really compressed loads (Not Good!) So actually 165 gr bullets are heavier for the 300 wsm caliber. 300 win mag not so much. and the accubonds are bonded bullets.
Not really. At least not in my Browning A-bolt 300 WSM. So much is made of the lack of powder capacity in the 300 WSM. It don't NEED all the powder the 300 win mag uses, it's SO much more efficient than the big mag. Mainly because it runs at much higher pressure.

Compressed powder charges are just fine. Actually compressed charges are more uniform in velocities that lesser charge densities below 95%. But again, you don't need all that powder to achieve the same velocities of the 300WM.

I once was told that you could not load a 220 grain bullet in a 300 WSM. At least not with any decent velocity. So I had to try it;

How does 2686 avg sound for 5 shots from a 23" barrel? So much for limited powder capacity for the 300 WSM!
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