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After further thought, i believe the lady arrested was in the wrong and should take whatever her penalty is in NYC (not your city) and deal with it. I do think she should petition to have the felony removed from her record after her sentence/fine/penalty has been served/paid. However, i also think that the authorities in TN should go FAR out of their way to PUBLICLY accomodate her in any way possible that might allow her to continue to carry and own firearms in TN (if that is remotely possible). It also wouldn't hurt my feelings if TN decided not to honor any NY permits or LEO badges as a legal permit to carry from the NYC metro area specifically (however few there may be, permits that is; i hear they have plenty of LEO's).

It is too bad that TN didn't think to immediately claim her as a unpaid "reserve" deputy, as it is my understanding that LEO's are exempted from the NYC bans.

I also think that each and every one of us should make every effort to avoid visiting NYC, avoid buying branded NYC products (I heart NY shirts, etc.), avoid doing any business with any NYC-based businesses, perhaps avoid eating large apples , and generally do whatever we can to protest the firearms laws of NYC and other such places like Chicago. Personally, i have zero desire to visit either Chicago or NYC, but from now on, i will be certain to blame it on their moronic firearms laws whenever possible. TN's state purchasing agents should make a concerted and very public effort to avoid buying products tainted by NYC for state/public use.

I am often tempted by the job openings i see posted for locations in CA, but i just couldn't give up my rights to be there.

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