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What happened to the forum software?

Beginning yesterday (Tuesday, January 24) I'm experiencing a glitch when navigating the forum. Usually, when I go into any forum area (such as "Semi Autos"), the threads that have been added or updated since my last visit have their titles in bold. Starting yesterday, the bolded titles go back several days and cover two to three screen pages before I get to the un-bolded titles.

When it happened last night I thought I might be imagining things, but for a test I manually logged out, then logged back in using the "Remember Me" box. Today, Wednesday the 25th, everything back through January 22 is bolded.

I don't think it is my computer because (a) I haven't made any changes, and (b) this glitch affects only TFL, it doesn't affect any of several other forums that also use vBulletin.

Have y'all changed anything?
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