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Instead of wondering if TN PD will be ticketing NY drivers, here another way of looking at it:
Suppose the shoe was on the other foot and a CCW holder from NY, OR, ME, WI, etc...some state that doesn't have reciprocity with TN was caught carrying. Should the TN police ignore that and let the person go, should the TN prosecutors ignore it as well? I don't think the TN prosecutors would like that line of BS being directed at them any more than NY is. Is TN saying NY shouldn't enforce their local laws because we'd also not enforce ours in the same situation?
I don't think the lady would have faced nearly the amount of trouble she does now had TN politicans either just shut up or been a little more mature in their response. Now she's in the middle of this, which started due to her own actions, and neither side is going to want to back down and loose face. She'd likely have gotten off with a minor ticket and slap on the wrist, depending on her record, but now thanks to all this she's got a better than average chance of being charged and sentenced much more harshly.
Nothing like a politician getting involved in something fairly simple and screwing it all up.
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