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I'm in partial agreement with Heyjoe.

A lot of police work involves the officer's discretion (or lack thereof). In most cases, a police officer has the discretion to ignore some offenses, even a felony offense. Pragmatically, an officer may not be able to ignore some things (supervisor is present). But if cops can get creative with "probable cause" statements, they can be equally creative in finding reasons not to enforce a law in a particular instance.

Police, DA's and politicians make exceptions every day for movie stars, athletes, the rich and famous as well as other politicians. "It was a simple mistake" or "There was no intent to break the law" are excuses they give the media. But George who runs your bowling alley can't get word to the mayor or police chief. He has no clout. Here, the state of Tennessee has decided to tell the Mayor or Governor to make an exception.
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