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Sounds like lazy hunting to me! Yes I understand that antelope are VERY hard to get close too, but the fact remains plenty of people who hunt that animal more than HALF that distance to make sure of a clean kill. I've been hunting for a very long time and if I don't think I can positively make a shot I DON"T take it, I don 't care how big the deer is. I remember this like it was yesterday, I was hunting a HUGE cut over 2 years ago and WAY across the to the other side was the ABSOLUTE BIGGEST buck I have ever seen in the woods IN MY LIFE. I pulled up the range finder and he was 326 yards (remember it like it was yesterday) I was equipped with my Glenfield with leverevolutions, I didn't think I could make it so I didn't even try. But, anyway I guess that it was GOOD FOR TV! I wonder what the drop is on a 50 cal 250 gr. bullet at 700+ yards? And the thing can be traveling that fast once it gets there.
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