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Dern,kinggabby,Ill shut up right now.

Concealed carry course was about $65 with cost of small amount of ammo,targets.

The courthouse fee was $50 with a 45 day wait that turned out to be about 37 days.

Just say $120 to get it in my wallet.

And no fingerprints,talking to a judge or other intrusive stuff to deal with.
I can say it was pretty easy to get. Class was 8 hours of common sense. Where I took it was actually $45 ($40 for the class and $5 for the photo)and the gun and ammo were included in the $40. The $25 and $200 I went to the Sheriffs department and they were super nice .The lady that helped me made sure I had everything filled out right. Here I think they do several background checks. Which I think is a good thing personally. It is a good argument to use against antis seeing how they seem to think if you have a gun you are a criminal.
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