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I load plated bullets to jacketed data after sticking two of them in the bore using lead data. Just stay below 1,300 fps and/or 10% below max charges

The plated DEWC was easy to get out of my .357 revolver with a good hardwood dowel, the 9mm FMJ was a bit trickier. I put strands of copper (checked to make sure) chore boy into the bore and rammed them down and around the bullet nose until they built up to a safe depth above the bullet nose so that a flat nosed dowel will not hit the bullet nose and split. Then I tapped the whole mess out with my wood dowel.

The chore boy strands formed a perfect 'nest' over the nose of the bullet and it was no problem to drive out the plated FMJ by the nose with a wood dowel. It worked so well it would be do-able in the field.

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