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All of the cartidges you listed have a .308" bore size.
(30-30, 303 Savage, 300 savage, 308 Winchester)

Any .308" bullet will work. But, you still need to make sure the bullets are appropriate for the application. I.e.: weight range, shape, toughness/rated velocity, cannelure location, etc.

The other question is what bullet diameter to I need in cast lead for my handgun? And the basic answer is one-thousandth over the typical size (as you said) but more advanced loaders and casters will tell you to slug your bore and find out EXACTLY what size bullet you need for the best performance.
Yep. I slugged my .444 Marlin last night (not a handgun, but the concept still applies). The cartridge is supposed to have a nominal .429" to .430" bore.
I found a .439" throat (that's big), .428" lands (true "bore" size), and .432" grooves (what we usually care about).
That means I have a decision to make: go with something that fits the throat (and is big for the grooves); or go with something that fits the grooves, but is small for the throat. Lucky for me, the .444 Marlin's throat is essentially non-existent (less than 0.050"). So, I need a .432" bullet, for optimum performance.
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