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I have a nice dial caliper and a digital one too. I seem to prefer the dial. I went ahead and ordered this setup with the comparators (was a hoot listening to the kid at midway trying to pronounce that btw). Ordered half a dozen or so modified cases...figures that the one I really wanted the most was back ordered. The 223 case won't be back in till February 7th. Also some of the reviews I read suggested using a wooden dowel down the bore to gently work the bullet back and forth to truly find the depth. Any thoughts on this?
Going to use this as a part of fine tuning the loads for my 204, 223, and 22- 250. Also ordered the latest nosler manual to go with my 8th ed. Hornady book. My 223 is a 1:12 twist that prefers 40 grain bullets. I'm hoping the nosler book has more information about powders to put behind the light bullets because the hornady doesn't offer that much info. Also ordered some sierra blitzkings to try. 40's for the 223 and 32' s for the 204. I keep tinkering with my 223 and we both keep getting better.
Thanks for the help guys.
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