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Last known the skull was waiting a drying period and then was to be measured. Go in the link to the website of the guy who shot it (in my last post). It gives should give some info in there (but doesn't).
Let's see, the wolf was shot in May of 2009. By January of 2010, reports on the internet say that the skull skull drying.

Two years have passed since then. Two years are not required to dry a skull. Where is all the publicity and announcements about how this is a world record sized wolf or even close to being a world record? Do you think that given the lack of independently confirmed data (exclusive from what is reported by the guide and hunter) that maybe the wolf isn't as claimed? This, despite having more than enough time, years in fact, to get information such as weight and external measurements and then to properly render the skull for measurement. Do you think that they are hiding the record for some reason?
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