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Okay here my Red Dot load data for all that may be interested:

.44Mag 50th Flattop 6 1/2"

6.5g Red Dot, 240g SWC, CCI-300, _947fps, 11 SD, 32 ES, 15 Shots
7.0g Red Dot, 240g SWC, CCI-300, _990fps, 14 SD, 45 ES, 15 Shots
7.5g Red Dot, 240g SWC, CCI-300, 1048fps, _7 SD, 23 ES, 15 Shots
8.0g Red Dot, 240g SWC, CCI-300, 1080fps, _7 SD, 24 ES, 15 Shots

I've marked the 8.0g as accurate, but I think they all shot well. It was 32F at the time of test. All were loaded together (so crimp same), new Starline brass. Note I usually throw out an obvious high and/or low, but this case there was none.... So all 15 shots are accounted for in the above data!

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