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I'm not sure I see that as related to enforcement....

They were all arrested. THAT'S enforcement.

The end result, that's about money, influence and powerful lawyers, like anything else. I would say that's hardly unique to NYC.

In other words, if some guy from Tennessee gets arrested in NYC with a gun and can't afford a good lawyer and gets nailed, while Mr Powerful, Influential TEA partier ALSO gets arrested (equal enforcement) but then has 3 high-power lawyers, is a public figure, throws a stink and gets a $250 fine, well, that's systemic lack of fairness in the penalty system, it's not a difference in "enforcement".

Wouldn't be any different in Tennessee with their speeding tickets. Two out-of-staters go by Mr Tennessee Highway Patrol going 95mph. One has a NY plate, the other a Kentucky plate.

If he pulls them both over and writes them both tickets for going 95 in a 65, that's equal enforcement. Because one of them happens to have powerful friends and gets out of the ticket while the other poor sucker pays the fine, that's Lady Justice losing her blindfold again.

If he lets the Kentucky driver go and nails the NY guy, that's unequal enforcement.

Penalties should be equal and consistent too, but I really think that's a different issue.
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