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Why are you worried about shooting through a wall Moyer?

According to you everything inside your place will be ten feet or less.

Are you afraid you will completely miss from less than four yards with a shotgun?
Um, yeah genius. Earth to Nate45, this isn't Call of Duty. I'm sure if you wake up out of a deep sleep at 3am to the sound of someone busting your door down, your adrenaline is pumping at its max, and you're just gonna be 100% accurate no matter how fast someone's moving or shooting back at you? How have been been on this forum so long without reading stories of trained LEOs and Vets missing shots at closer ranges than that?

If you're going to assume 100% accuracy, you should be recommending I use a .22 for "head shots"... and then go back to whatever fantasy world you're living in.

Of course this is all not to mention the possibility of heavy buckshot or slugs actually going through the intruder and then through a wall, which would be easy if it doesn't hit bone.
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