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Hello ScotchMan,,,

I can't remember when I started using commas instead of the traditional ...

All I know is that it's a writing style I can trace back to my grade school days,,,
I think it was in early grade school when I wrote a script for a class play,,,
It seems my teacher thought it was a way to break up a line of text.

Now after 50-Plus years of doing it,,,
It just seems weird not to.


You definitely need a .22 handgun of some type,,,
4-cents a shot is so much nicer than 40-cents a shot.

S&W Model 34 or 63 seems perfect for starting young people out,,,
I'm also partial to the Ruger 22/45 series of pistols.

But that's just my personal preference,,,
Lotsa nice choices out there.

If you want more of a duty style (DA/SA) handgun,,,
You might consider a Bersa Thunder 22,,,
Mine is a total blast to shoot,,,
And it was inexpensive.

Later my friend,,,

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