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contorting your brass...

what is the most "twisted" case you've made from another ( an interesting new change )

I have a Contender collection, so I'm pretty used to making one case into another ( TCU cartridges for example ) but also have dies to make 7.62 X 25 cases out of .223, & 7.62 X 45 cases out of 220 Swift...

been wanting to do something with the old Velo-dog cartridge, but they are nearly impossible to come by... was talking to my retired tool & die buddy, & with the caliper & micrometer in hand, he asked if I really wanted to do it, he could set me up to swage 5.7 X 28 cases into velo-dog cases... I was pretty stunned that he thought it would work... but he's sure he could do it, & I have at least 1000 once fired 5.7 cases... so that old 22 rimfire magnum reloadable cartridge thought, might just come to fruitation

what is the most strange case conversion you guys have ever done ???
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