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This is a necro-thread. The OP went ahead and bought that Smartreloader hunk of horse-$%&% and it's a piece of yellow crap.

Smartreloader crap should be universally avoided no matter WHAT the product. It's cheap, chinese crap and if that's not enough, many of the products they sell are absolute, direct rip-offs and copies. Complete and total copies. Berry's has seen their brass separator out & out stolen by them and Smartreloader also copied a press and they actually copied a casting flaw in the original press when they completely stole it and made a direct copy.

Besides buying complete crap, you are supporting really shady chinese business practices. I wouldn't use that garbage if it were FREE. (but I'd take it if it were free, so I could destroy it and keep it out of someone else's hands)

We have some absolutely terrific companies building products in our hobby. Most all of them have proven time & time again how well they support us and this industry. They deserve our business and they absolutely deserve our loyalty.

Please support a complete and total embargo on anything marked "Smartreloader."
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