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I have put up a notice concerning the change. Every registered member should see it at least once. After you dismiss it, it won't be shown to you again.

For those who missed it (that would include moderators), here is a copy for future reference:

Notice - TFL is changing the method we use to keep track of threads you have read. We are going to the "persistent" method. This means that any thread you have not actually opened will continue to be listed as unread (title will be bold) until you actually read it or you manually mark the forum(s) as all read.

Previously, any thread that you had not read would have been changed to read after a certain time period of inactivity.

You can mark a forum as read several ways. While viewing the forum's list of threads, pull down the Forum Menu and select "Mark This Forum Read". While viewing the main page (list of all forums), you can double click on the leftmost icon next to the forum (looks like a scope reticle). To mark all the forums as read all at once, click on "Mark Forums Read" at the bottom of the forum listing, or pull down the Quick Links menu and select "Mark Forums Read".

Due to the manner the function appears to operate when it is first turned on, you will probably see threads you may have already read marked as unread. We suggest that you initially mark all forums as read to get around this problem. After that, the function should work as described.

Even though the thread marking will appear to be persistent, there is a three day limit to thread and forum marking as read. That is, if a forum goes for three days without the member having read all threads in it, the threads older than three days old will be marked as read. The assumption is that the member has no interest in those threads if they went for three days without opening it.

If you have any questions on the operation of this function, please ask them in the Tech Support forum in this thread:
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