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My father was an old time 'gun crank' and when he passed in the early '90s I inherited several of his guns. Several years ago I decided to simplify things and just kept the pieces I liked best. I sold all the guns I had purchased and just kept Dad's. Almost all of my shooting is when I'm hunting so these are my hunting guns:

Sporterized Original Haenel Lawrence Wehrmann single-shot 98 Mauser chambered for 30-40x.315 AI.

Richard Marhoff & Sohn Drilling - 16ga x 16ga over .22 Savage HiPower AI.

Old, beat to crap Western Field single-shot .22 (for reasons unknown to me this old cheapy is one of the most accurate rifles I've ever shot).

S&W Mod 19-4 .357mag, 6" barrel.

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