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TFL Flag at Half Mast for Harley Nolden

The title of the thread says it all. Unbeknown to us, Harley passed on months October of 2011.

Mr. Nolden was with the TFL Staff almost from the beginning. My recollection, possibly incorrect, is that he was a former FBI employee. Regardless, he was a spectacular historian and teacher; one of the few that actually requested to be on the TFL Staff vs being Shanghai'd back in the days of Rob, LawDog, DC, Mykl and a few others here.

Always aloof, yet congenial; never political; quintessentially inquisitive and helpful....this was the Harley that I barely knew after a dozen years. Harley's death passed by with barely a notice, I guess. Perhaps this is Divine Balance, as his life counted for so very much. We are greatly saddened and significantly diminished.

Regretfully submitted-
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