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Your M/L, Your call !!!

Bull butter.
No, it's not Bull butter and what it is, is one of personal preference. There are no safety issues here and the rod extension, will get dirty. I also stated that I had one SideLock come in with a 4" extension and asked the owner is he wanted it left that way. He said no way so we shortened it. .....

The OP is questioning this as it does not look right to him and worried about safety issues of which there are none. Now, these are his M/L's and his call, not mine or yours...

One of my hunters, had a rod that worked loose, quite often and the rod would extend past the muzzle. Walking out of my stand, one evening, I slung my rifle and proceeded to walk out. When I got to my car, the rod was gone. Obviously it snagged a limb and got pulled out. Never did find that one. If some of you fellas would get off the bench and into the woods, you would see that a hunting environment poses more challenges and rewards. ...

I have see many custom and commercial M/L's, all with well fitted rods and rarely that had rods extended past the muzzle. ....

Be Safe !!!
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