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I watched a guy take out an antelope at 790 yards with a muzzle loader last night on one of the outdoor channels.

I was watching too. I wasn't impressed. Not by the shot itself - that was amazing. I was not impressed due to the seemingly careless attitude they take towards a game animal. In this case, the hunter won. However, no matter how you slice it a shot of that length on a game animal is marginal with even the best centerfire rifle and a "lucky shot" with a muzzleloader. I'd be willing to bet a steak dinner that if he had gotton a non-fatal hit you wouldn't have seen that episode on TV. That leads me to wonder how many game animals this guy has taken chances on that were poorly shot and left to die a long suffering death.

Game animals are too precious to waste on a "lucky shot".
I totally agree. Unfortunately, way too many "hunters" don't share that sentiment.
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