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Came across this today, still a pretty good deal even after adding shipping.
1000rds S&B 9mm

btw, I came across it on which I've found useful for keeping up on who's got what on sale
SGammo seems to have the best prices. anything under $10.00/bx in my book is a pretty good deal. If you buy TULammo or Bear or something you can pay like $8/bx but some people don't like that ammo. I have shot anything from high to low end. Depending on what you are using it for or what your expected result is I like SGammo, CTD, though cheaper than dirt charges a little too much for shipping IMO. But usually I just look for deals. And don't always trust the ammo find website I have come across deals that the web search tool missed just simple because the website I was at posted it incorrectly by box instead of case or something dumb.
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