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Reload accuracy question

I've been loading metallic for about 3 months and have always just done it like loading shotgun which I have a bit more experience with where I just stay at the bottom of pressure zones. Now I'm loading .40s&w with 165grn cast swc Aquila primers and 5.4 grns of unique. When people refer to working up a load they mean start at minimum advised shoot how many? Then move up and bit how many? Up a bit in powder so on and so forth right until you get an accurate load (for your gun?) now how much of a dofference on the paper does this working up a load actually make? The reason I'm asking is I seem to be a lot more accurate with the .22kit on my frame than with the standard slide. Also at what distance would yall advise I do this testing? And how far out could someone reasonably shoot a cast bullet consistently?

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