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Whitney Arms Co.

I was going thru a bunch of old stuff of my Dads and found this old rifle.
it's a Whitney Arms 22cal rolling block Rifle, I believe its whats called a "sporting rifle #1. ser. # 72656
now the stock is missing and a few other parts but I thought it would be cool to see if I could get this old thing up and running and hang it over the fireplace.

now the question is...what do you think the chances of finding any parts for this?
the spring for the hammer and the ejector piece which mates to the rolling block are missing along with the screw that hold the bracket with the pins on it that holds the hammer and rolling block into the body of the gun.

I'll try and post a few photos of this rifle a little later tonight as its soaking in mineral sprites now ( its a little rusty )

thanks Matt.
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