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Well, even though you said you weren't looking for "premium", let me tell you of my experiences.......

I have both gauges ( 12 and 20) of the Mossberg Trophy ( rifled barrel/scope combos) Slugsters. Both gauges love the 2 3/4" Winchester Dual Bond sabot loads. They will both do 2 1/2" groups at 100 yds with a good bench rest all day long,( which I think is pretty good for a slug-gun) with the Federal Barnes Expanders coming in a close second. Some people have good luck with the Lightfield loads but I have never tried them. Now, the Winchesters or Fed. Barnes can run anywhere from $10-14 a box of 5, depending on where you buy them; but I believe in finding the most accurate load for all my guns, even if they may cost more.

If the Fed. Fusions group well for you, go for it, but I would try different loads to see what you gun likes. There's NO point in getting cheaper ammo if they don't shoot well and could cause you to miss your deer.

Also, as mentioned above, you DO NOT need 3" slugs, they will just "beat you up" and could have you developing flinches and such. The 2 3/4" are plenty for deer size game. I have taken deer cleanly with my Mossberg rigs out to 140 problem !!!!!!

Good luck in your quest and good shooting !!!!!!!!!!

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