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To each, his own !!

Do you guys see any difference using loose powder vs. Pellets.
By my measure, there is a difference and there have been a few documented issues with pellets that loose powder will not present. Your M/L has an optimum load that pellets may not cover. ...
However, it's really your call and if indeed you want to use pellets, why not determine that optimum load and choose pellets that comes close.
It's not necessary to load a wad under the sabot.
Very true but my hunter's performance improves when I include these in my shot string. I had a 700ML that shot great with them. ....
By the way, there is a difference in the quality of sabots and the cheap ones, don't perform well.
As Far as propellant, I'm just getting into the Blackhorn-209 and have mostly shot 777, as I still have a bunch of that.

Be Safe !!!
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