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I have always worked up my loads acording to what im using the gun for. Hunting guns get 3 shots, one right after the other, then cool down, pry 30 min or so, when i find the load i like, ill take it to the range 4-5 more times and shoot it 1 time with a clean bore to get my zero, then i shoot 5 rounds one right after the other.

My long range and 3 gun stuff, ill round robin my test loads. If i have 5 rounds of 5 loads, I put up 5 targets, ill start with the lowest, then work up 1 round at a time, after 5 rounds, ill start with the 2nd round of the starting load, and so on, till all 25 rounds are fired, i dont let it cool. 95 % of the time these guns are used with a hot barrel, so i like to test my loads with a hot barrel.
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