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If you can find an AK on a Form 3, then you should be able to own it as a civilian, as long as you fill out the form, do the fingerprints, etc.

Check for their message board. Lots of cool stuff. Beware that most stuff is $$$. The cheapest Title II/NFA weapon (the official name) is one of the M11 in 9mm for about a grand. Surpressors go from $500 and up.

Check to make sure that your state will let you play with NFA stuff and then go from there.

Doesn't matter whether foreign or domestic, as long as it was registered before the ban in 1986. If so, then you should be cool. There are some Pre-86 Dealer Samples that can only be held by a dealer, but most of the pre 86 stuff is good for us to own. Silencers, SBRs, SBSs and AOWs were exempted from the 1986 ban.

Check out subguns!

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